Financial Aid

The idea of paying for college may seem overwhelming.  One way we help with that from the beginning is to waive the application fee.  Also, those attending Harcum at the Coatesville partnership site will receive a generous Harcum Scholarship that significantly reduces their tuition. Additional scholarships available to Harcum students can be found by clicking HERE

Nearly all applicants are eligible for many types of financial aid including the federal PELL grant and PHEAA state grant.  These can reduce your cost to attend college by thousands of dollars and make your goal of attending college affordable.

By completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you will be able to determine what types of assistance can help you.  In order to maximize the amount of financial aid available, students should apply for the PHEAA State Grant by completing their FAFSA before May 1st.  Students who complete the FAFSA after that date will still receive financial aid, but will not be eligible for the PA State grant.

Another form of assistance is the American Opportunity Credit.  In addition scholarships, grants and other types of financial aid, this federal income tax credit (up to $2,500) can further help students reduce their out of pockets costs to attend college.