Financial Aid

How to Pay for College?

Before you make any commitments we help you understand all the ways to make your education affordable.  You may be surprised at what’s available for you.

Harcum Grant

Those attending Harcum at the Coatesville partnership site will receive a generous Harcum Grant that significantly reduces their tuition by several thousand dollars.

PELL and PHEAA Grant

Students are also eligible for grants like the federal PELL grant (up to $6,000 or more) and PHEAA state grant (up to $4,000 or more). These grants are intended to assist those who want to attend college but don’t have the money.  Grants do not need to be repaid, so these can dramatically minimize the cost of your college education.

Tax Credits

Another form of assistance is the American Opportunity Credit.  This credit (up to $2,500) is available to those who have paid tuition or other educational expenses and can further help students reduce the cost of their education by providing a credit on your federal tax return.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Many employers already provide this benefit to their employees and it can be a very generous way to reduce educational costs while developing yours skills in the workforce.  Talk to your employer to find out about this benefit.


Scholarships can be a valuable way to reduce your cost to attend college and are available through local organizations, churches and other sources.  Harcum maintains this list of scholarships where you can research opportunities for you.

Start with the FAFSA

By completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you will be able to determine what types of assistance are available to you.  According to the Federal Student Loan Portfolio there are more than 32 million students who use federal direct loans to pay for their education.  The good news is that student loan repayment does not begin until after you leave school, and after you have invested into an education that advances your earning potential and career.  There are also many affordable repayment plans that can work for any budget.

In order to maximize the amount of financial aid available, first-time applicants should apply for the PHEAA State Grant by completing their FAFSA before August 1st.  Students who complete the FAFSA after that date will still receive financial aid, but may not be eligible for the PA State grant.  Contact the Harcum College Financial Aid office or Coatesville Enrollment office if you have further questions or would like assistance.